Disc Jam Season 2 Division 1 Recap

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Season 2 is in the books and Division 1 once again featured some of the best players in the game battling it out for supremacy.  In the end, Phyrexius once again reigned supreme and won the Division 1 cup while going undefeated and dropping only 4 sets all season.  His stats show an improvement over his impressive showing in Season 1 but it remains to be seen if he can defend his Champions League title.

Season 1

Pos Player P W L SW SL SD
1 Phyrexius 12 11 1 23 5 18

Season 2

Pos Player P W L SW SL SD
1 Phyrexius 12 12 0 24 4 20


No Name, the current #1 Disc Jam player globally, made an impressive Noob Cup debut by placing 2nd with a solid 8-4 record.  No Name is one of the best, if not the best, all around players in the game.  At one point, he was also the #1 ranked doubles player and is currently ranked #2 in doubles.  He has qualified for the the Champions League and will play against Burlild, the Division 2 winner.

Jump was once again at the top of his game and qualified for the Champions League.  However, towards the end of the season, he decided to quit.  Jump is one of the top players in the game and has also been one of the best players to compete in the Noob Cup.  He was the Division 1 runner up in Season 1 and lost a close match in that season’s Champions League final as well.  We hope to see him back in the Noob Cup someday.

MrMonstr & xG Sweet tied for 4th but MrMonstr qualified for the Champions League (taking Jump’s spot) ahead of xG Sweet based on goal differential.  MrMonstr, a top 10 ranked player globally, once again proved to be a force to be reckoned with this season and will undoubtedly be a threat in the Champions League.  He will face off against Phyrexius and attempt to send the defending champion packing.

WarGuy decided to quit early in the season and forfeited most of his matches.  He has been one of the top players for a long time and we hope to see him back in the Noob Cup soon.

xG Sweet & DanV made their debut in Division 1 after being promoted from Division 2 last season.  While both players showed that they can compete in Division 1, DanV has been relegated.  It shows that competition is tough in the Noob Cup when a top 10 ranked player such as DanV, who is capable of beating almost anyone, can be relegated.

Overall, the games were very competitive and if this is any indication of what the Champions League games will be like, we should see some exciting action when the tournament begins.


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