Disc Jam Season 2 Division 2 Recap

Disc Jam League

Four players made their Noob Cup debut this season in Division 2 – Burlild, Onlzebu, ramsambam & KingJuan232.  Burlild won the Division 2 cup by going undefeated and dropping only 2 sets the entire season.  However, he will need to be at the top of his game when he plays No Name, in the Champions League semi finals.

Along with Burlild, Onlzebu has been promoted to Division 1.  His 9-3 record was just enough to finish ahead of Dolphin, who once again barely missed out on being promoted.  w3dietogether & ramsambam finished in the middle of the pack while Enrico Pallazzo & KingJuan232 struggled this season and claimed the bottom two spots.

Once again, Division 2 showcased some of the best players in the game. Burlild, Onlzebu & Dolphin have been ranked in the top 10 globally at different points of the season and all of them have consistently been in the top 25.  Most of the other Division 2 players have also been in the top 50.

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