Disc Jam Doubles League: Season 1

Disc Jam League

Season 1

There will be one division and every team must have a team name and a captain, who will be responsible for registering their team before the deadline.  Teams are allowed to have up to 3 players on their roster but only 2 players are required.  When a team has 3 players on their roster, the captain will select the lineup for each match and he will not have to announce the lineup prior to the match.

Teams who start the season with 2 players, have the option of adding a third player during the season.  However, once the season ends, they can not add another player for the playoffs.  Once a player is named to a team, they are eligible to play only for that team.  They can’t play for any other team until next season.


Each team will play 2 matches against every other team (home and away, home team selects server) and the team with the best record at end of the season is the winner. If there’s a tie, there will be a playoff round.

Each team will be scheduled to play 2 matches (2 games against 2 different teams) each week and we will use a flexible schedule. Weekly matches are scheduled to take place Saturdays at 7:00 pm EST every week and teams are responsible for playing their matches by that time. However, you can choose to play at any time before the deadline. The complete schedule will be posted before the season begins.

Checking In For Matches

If you haven’t played your match against your opponent before the deadline, you will need to check in by posting in the #check-in channel on discord so that I know you were ready for the match.  If you check in and your opponent has not checked in by 7:00 pm EST, you need to wait until 7:15 pm EST before leaving. Having a record of this will help me figure out who was ready in case there are disagreements about what happened between players involved in the match.

Reporting Match Scores

Following your match, one of the teams has to report the score of your games in the #report-scores channel.   I encourage everyone to take a screen shot of the scores of every game in case there’s a dispute about the scores being posted.  If there is a dispute and neither team can provide proof of the final score, the game will have to be replayed.  All disputes must be made in the #league channel.


Updated: The warning system was removed in the middle of the season and replaced with a final deadline extension date.  If games are not played by this date and neither team checked in by the original deadline, both teams will forfeit the match.  If one team checked in and the other did not then the team that did not check in will forfeit the match.


If you sign up for the league and drop out before it ends, you will receive a 1 season suspension for a first offense.  A second offense will result in a 2 season suspension.  The suspensions will apply to every player on the team.


The top 4 teams will make it to the playoffs.  In the first round, the #1 ranked team will play against the #4 ranked team and the #2 ranked team will play against the #3 ranked team and the winners will play against each other in the final.  All series will be best 3 out of 5 games, including the final.


1) Set differential for the season
2) Head to head record
3) Set differential in head to head matchups


Team 1
Team Name: WarDolphin
Team members: Dolphinfin22, Warguy26
Captain: WarGuy26
Team 2
Team Name: w3Rap1together
Team members: w3dietogether, Dinorap1
Captain: w3dietogether
Team 3
Team Name: Skilled Lobbers
Members: Enrico Pallazzo & No_Name
Captain: No_Name
Team 4
Team Name: Boom Shaka Laka
Members: skilos & ramsambam
Captain: ramsambam
Team 5
Team Name: WeTotallyGonnaLoose
Members: Skjöldungard, Cdavid578 & WestSidePat
Captain: Skjöldungard
Team 6
Team Name: JamAfterSex
Members: Dark_Greeting & Amelie69x
Captain: Dark_Greeting
Team 7
Team Name: Dubs are dead but it’s not my fault :flag_black::skull_crossbones:
Members : Burlild, Alenvolcev & benjee_ent
Captain: Burlild
Team 8
Team name: AuYANymous
Members: AutonymousRap, Yan5793
Captain: AutonymousRap

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  1. I want to play too ! Today i was writing with cDavid and he told me about this league. I’m good in doubles pls let me play ! I love dj really much 😂 really! Come on guy !

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