Disc Jam Season 3: Disc Tycoon

Disc Jam League

Season 3 introduces Disc Tycoon mode.  A select few will have the chance to recruit players by negotiating salaries and bonuses, while managing their salary cap and fending off rival disc tycoons who are trying to sign the same players.  Noob Cup uses smackeroos as its currency but we use the dollar sign and refer to this currency as money.

Salary Cap

This season, the salary cap is $5.8 Million.  It’s important to note that the cap applies only to salaries.  Any bonuses that are paid to players will be taken from the disc tycoon’s cut of the prize money.  You can sign up to 5 players and although there is no minimum roster requirement, you are required to have 3 players on your roster in order to qualify for the Team Sportsmanship prize.

Player Values

In order to prevent an unscrupulous disc tycoon from making side deals with shady players, disc tycoons can’t sign a player for a value lower than the player’s market value.  For example, if Player X is valued at $1,000,000, a disc tycoon will need to offer the player at least that amount.  Keep in mind that a player doesn’t have to accept that amount.  Here are the market values for each player:

Player Division
Market Value
No Name 1 $1.7M
Jump 1 $1.4M
WarGuy 1 $1.3M
MJNance 1 $1.3M
GodKaidan 1 $1.3M
QsecOfr 1 $1.1M
Burlild 1 $1.1M
DanV 1 $1.0M
Timebomb 2 $1.2M
Enrico Pallazzo 2 $1M
ramsambam 2 $900K
DrWhistler 2 $800K
Dolphin 2 $800K
DanDan 2 $700K
TheBattenbergKid 2 $600K


Disc tycoons can negotiate with players privately or publicly.  Contracts are made public as soon as both parties agree to terms and it’s approved by the commissioner. While it may be advantageous for disc tycoons to use public forums to negotiate and possibly gain an upper hand on their rivals by spreading propaganda, it may also be wise to negotiate privately at times and keep their rivals in the dark about which players they are interested in.

Players are not obligated to sign with any disc tycoon, however, unsigned players will receive only 75% of their market value as their salary.  Players who are unsigned will continue to compete as usual and can still qualify for the Champions league.

Disc tycoons and players will negotiate the salary that will be paid and the percentage of prizes each party will receive.  Although disc tycoons are obligated to offer players their market value at a minimum, they can freely negotiate the percentage of prizes they are willing to share with players without restrictions.


League Prizes
$200K – Division 1 winner
$100K – Division 2 winner
$100K – Division 1 runner up
$50K – Division 1 third place
$50K –  Division 2 runner up

Champions League Prizes
$100K – Champions League winner
$50K Champions League runner up

Good Sportsmanship Prize
$50K – Awarded to every player who plays all of their matches. If their opponent forfeits any match, it’s not held against them.

Team Sportmanship Prize (There must be a minimum of 4 players on the roster to qualify)

If every player on the roster plays all of their games, 20% will be added to the League & Champions League prize pool if they win any of those prizes.

Unsigned Players

All players who are unsigned after the contract deadline, will be signed by the league at a cost of 75% of the player’s market value.  However, all unsigned players will receive 100% of any prize they win.

Noob Cup Virtual Contract

The commissioner will approve only valid contracts in the format listed below.  Disc tycoons must use this contract.  The only parts they can change from this template are the player name, the amount of salary to be paid and the percentage for each prize.  When you submit your contract to the commissioner, use the contract listed below and change the appropriate sections.  Once the contract is submitted, the player must also indicate that he agrees to the terms.

I’ve signed Player X to a 1 season contract and he will be paid $1,000,000. He will receive 25% for winning any league prize, 30% for any champions league prize & 50% for obtaining a good sportsmanship prize.


Disc tycoons will compete in 3 leaderboards.  Most cups won, most prize money won & total amount of wins.

The disc tycoon who finishes in first place in the majority of the 3 leaderboards will win. If there is a tie, the winner will be selected based on tiebreakers.

First tiebreaker – most cups won
Second tiebreaker – Most prize money won
Third tiebreaker – Most total wins (league games and champions league combined)

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