Disc Jam Season 3 Recap

Disc Jam League

Season 3 introduced a new game mode called Disc Tycoon.  Three tycoons vied for top spot in a quest to become the most powerful tycoon by recruiting the best players, while staying within their salary cap.  More on that later.

In Division 1, Mjnance made his noob cup debut in style by claiming the Division 1 cup.  In a very close fight for the cup, he moved past No Name by obtaining a better set differential. WarGuy was close behind, ending the season with only one win less than Mjnance and No Name.  GodKaidan also made an impressive Noob Cup debut by finishing in 4th place, while QSecOfr earned a spot in Division 1 once again next season in his Noob Cup debut, proving that he can compete with the best players.  DanV returned to Division 1 and performed well enough to remain in Division 1. Burlild made his Division 1 debut after winning Division 2 last season.  Unfortunately, he was not at the top of his game early in the season and as a result, he has been relegated to Division 2 for the next season.  Jump was one of the favourites to contend for the Division 1 cup but he was unable to finish the season.

In Division 2, Enrico Pallazzo rebounded from his previous poor performances in seasons 1 & 2 and claimed the Division 2 cup in another very closely contested battle, by finishing ahead of Timebomb by 1 win.  He has been promoted to Division 1, along with Timebomb, who made a superb Noob Cup debut by earning the second spot in the standings. Dr. Whistler, the host of Friday Night Jams, made his Noob Cup debut by finishing in third place.  TheBattenbergkid, who also made his Noob Cup debut, finished 4th, followed by Dolphin in 5th, ramsambam in 6th & Killerbob in 7th.

In the Champions League semi final games, No Name defeated Enrico Pallazzo & WarGuy defeated Mjnance.  The final showcased the current top 2 players in the world (#1 WarGuy & #2 No Name).  In a close battle, No Name claimed the victory by defeating WarGuy 0-2, 2-1 & 2-1.  This is No Name’s first ever Noob Cup win.

Three Disc Tycoons wheeled and dealed, trying to outsmart one another in order to become the best Disc Tycoon but in the end there could be only one winner.  Jump used his salary cap to sign GodKaidan, Enrico Pallazzo & Dolphin. This team had potential as both Jump & GodKaidan are capable of beating anyone in Division 1 and Dolphin & Enrico Pallazzo are both Noob Cup veterans with valuable experience.  Mjnance signed Timebomb, WarGuy & QSecOfr, a formidable group of players who have all been in the top 15 players in the world at one point.  Burlild signed No Name, Dr. Whistler & Killerbob, a nice mix of top players in both divisions.  Unlike the other Disc Tycoons, Burlild was able to structure his contracts in a way that earned him the lion’s share of his player’s prize winnings.

In the total wins category, Mjnance’s team won a total of 37 games while the other two teams won 24 games each, handing Mjnance the win in this category.  In the most cup wins category, each team won 1 cup.  In the Disc Tycoon money leader board, Burlild finished first with $315,000, followed by Mjnance who earned $261,000 & Jump with $110,000.  Burlild won the competition on the tiebreakers and earned the Disc Tycoon cup, which comes with the option of defending his cup next season.



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