Disc Jam League: Season 5

Disc Jam League

Season 5

The season begins on May 3rd 2020.  The following players will compete for the noob cup:

Cpt Muj
No Name
Enrico Pallazzo


Each player will play 2 games against every other player in their division (home and away, home team selects server) and the player with the most wins at the end of the season is the winner. If there’s a tie, the tiebreakers will decide the winner.

We will use a flexible schedule. Every player is encouraged to play 2 matches every week by Saturdays at 6:30 pm EST. The entire season schedule will be posted prior to the start of the season and players have the option of playing any or all of their games in advance. Keep in mind that although you can play games in advance, you are still responsible for playing your scheduled games by the deadline.  The season ends on May 30th but a one week extension will be given to players who have not played all of their games.

Checking In For Matches

If you haven’t played your match against your opponent before the deadline, you will need to check in by posting in the #check-in channel on discord so that I know you were ready for the match.  If you check in and your opponent has not checked in by 6:30 pm EST, you need to wait until 6:45 pm EST before leaving. Having a record of this will help me figure out who was ready in case there are disagreements about what happened between players involved in the match.

Reporting Match Scores

Following your match, one of the players has to report the score of your games in the #report-scores channel.  When you report your score, you must include which division you’re in, which weekly game is being played and the scores of both games.  I encourage everyone to take a screen shot of the scores of every game in case there’s a dispute about the scores being posted.  If there is a dispute and neither player can provide proof of the final score, the game will have to be replayed.  We’re tracking jams this season so don’t forget to include this when you report scores.


If a player disconnects in the first set and the score is close (within 15 points), restart the game. If one player is leading by more than 15 points, restart the game and the player who was losing has to let the other player score the same amount of points (or close to it) at the start of the set.

If the disconnection happens in the second or third set, follow the same rules set in rule #1 but instead of resetting the entire game, only the set is replayed. The player who won the previous sets before the disconnection will still get credit for those sets.


If you aren’t able to play your match on time, it must be played within 72 hours. If there are extenuating circumstances such as an emergency or if you’ll be out of town, please let me and your opponent know so that the deadline can be extended.

When the season ends, an extra week will be given to players to play any games they have not yet played. In certain cases, I will set a specific deadline within that week.

If you do not play 3 or more league games, you’ll receive a 1 season suspension.

If you sign up for the league and drop out before it ends, you will receive a 1 season suspension for a first offense.  A second offense will result in a 2 season suspension.  If you qualify for the Champions League and do not play your games, you will receive a 1 season suspension from the Champions League.

Jam Master Cup

When reporting scores, please include the amount of jams in the game. The player with the most jams will win the Jam Master cup.


1) Set differential
2) Head to head record
3) Set differential in head to head record
4) Total amount of jams
5) Total amount of jams in head to head record

Champion’s League

Shortly following the season, there will be a Champion’s League Cup.  The top 4 players will compete in the Champions League.

Game 1: 1st vs 4th
Game 2: 2nd vs 3rd

Final: Winner of game 1 vs winner of game 2

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