April 27th, 2017 Doubles Tournament Results

4 teams participated in this tournament.

Poppin’ Off (anthcola & Showli2)
Godless Heathens (Dr. White & God)
Borderline (Mufvz & Who is Dini)
Octane in the Brain (Enrico Pallazzo & polski_zubr)

Poppin’ Off  lost only 2 games in the tournament and defeated Godless Heathens in the finals to claim victory.  Once again, Showli2 put in a dominating performance to help lead his team to victory.


Poppin’ Off (anthcola & Showli2)


Most Goals
Showli2 – 35 (tournament record)

Most Assists
anthcola – 13

Most Saves
Dr. White – 23 (tournament record)


Tournament Stats


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