July 24th Double Elimination 3v3 Tournament

Our next tournament will take place on Monday July 24th at 8 pm EST. Here are the details:

– This will be a 3v3 tournament for PC and Xbox players and you need to create your own team.

– Double elimination best 2 out of 3 games.

– Your rank must be Platinum 2 or lower to qualify. No exceptions.

– You must provide me with either your steam URL or Xbox username so that I can verify your rank.

– There is a 3 crate (any crate is fine) entrance fee per team.  The team captain will be responsible for providing me with the crates.  If your team consists of 3 Xbox players and you can’t provide crates, you can still enter but if you win, you won’t win a prize. Winner takes all but if the winning team didn’t pay the entrance fee, the second place team will win the crates.

– Once you have your team and have transferred 3 crates to me, I will provide you with the link to our challonge.com page so that you can register.

– If you don’t show up for the tournament, you forfeit your crates.

– A maximum of 8 teams will participate and it’s on a first come first serve basis

– We ask every player to take a screen shot at the end of each game so that we will have all of the stats at the end of the tournament.


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