July 24th 3v3 Tournament Results

Five teams participated in last night’s 3v3 tournament.  In the end, The cheesy poofs defeated Godless Heathens to win the cup.  Although all five teams were pretty evenly matched, the champs only lost 1 game in the tournament.  It should be noted that Godless Heathens have finished second in all four tournaments (2v2 & 3v3 combined) organized by noobcup.com.

The player stats are incomplete because aside from me, no one saved screen shots of their games.  I decided to compile whatever stats I had anyway because I had asked everyone to save screen shots.  Due to the incomplete stats, we have Co-MVPs.




The Cheesy Poofs

QarthO & Jarbasaur

Most Goals
Jarbasaur – 9

Most Assists
Joe – 6

Most Saves
Joe, Jarbasaur & Enrico Pallazzo – 9

Tournament stats



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