1v1 League Season 1

We’re restarting the 1v1 league and it will feature prizes, new rules and a more defined schedule.  The season will start on September 6th, 2017 & the deadline to join is August 30th, 2017 by 8 pm EST.  Here are the details:

– There is a 1 key entrance fee. The winner gets 6 keys and runner up gets roughly 2 keys.

– Games will take place once a week on Wednesday nights at 8 pm EST. The schedule will be posted about 1 week ahead of time and if you can arrange a time to play prior to the scheduled time, you can go ahead and play earlier.

-If a player misses a match, he will receive a yellow card and the match will be rescheduled and played after the last week of the season. If a player misses a second match, it’s an automatic forfeit. However, if a player misses a match and is able to arrange a match with his opponent within 48 hours of their scheduled match, there will be no yellow card or forfeit.

– If a player misses a third match he will receive another yellow card.  An automatic forfeit will occur if there are any subsequent matches missed after that point.

– Each player will play 2 matches against all competitors (home and away – home team selects the arena). If there are 10 players in the league, each player will play 18 games in 9 weeks.  Experimental arenas are not allowed to be selected unless both players agree to play on it.

– Only players ranked  below Platinum 1 are eligible and their highest rank from all game modes will be used to determine their rank.

– I encourage everyone to take screen shots following each game just in case there’s a dispute about who won the game. Post your scores in the 1v1 channel.

– Prior to playing, post on this channel to check in just to show that you were present. If your opponent doesn’t show up, we will have record that you checked in and were ready to play.

– If there are any disputes regarding game scores or scheduling, let me know and I’ll try to help resolve it.

– If a player uses an account different than the one he used to register, he may be disqualified from the tournament. If you need to use a different account to play, please let me know prior to your game.

– At the end of the season, if there’s a tie for first or second place, there will be a 3 game playoff series to decide who wins that spot.  The player with the better goal differential will have home field advantage if there’s a game 3.

– Don’t be a dick. This is a friendly environment. Keep trash talking and any other dickish behaviour to a minimum.

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