1v1 League: Week 7 Recap

In the final week of the season, Dr. White won both games against Enrico Pallazzo, sending him packing while advancing to the playoff round.  God defeated Mortikat by forfeit.  Jarbasaur won both games against Calumbo and he also advances to the playoff round.  Finally, Matza eliminated Olympian and advanced to the playoff round by winning both games, including one by a score of 5-4.

Week 4’s game between God & Calumbo still hasn’t been played but since the result of this game won’t change which players would make the playoffs, there will be no delay.  If this game isn’t played by next week, one win will be given to each player.

Matza, Jarbasaur & Dr. White will play 2 games against each opponent.  The player with the most wins will win the cup.  If there is a two-way tie, a best of 3 series will be played to determine the winner and the player with the best goal differential will have home field advantage if there is a game 3.

If there’s a three-way tie, each player will play another 2 games against their opponents but this time, goal differential matters and can decide the winner if there is a tie.  If there’s a tie and the goal differential is even, a best of 3 series will be played to determine the winner and home field advantage for game 3 will be selected randomly.


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