1v1 League: Playoffs Preview

Let’s take a look at how the 3 contenders stack up against each other.  Here are the stats from their head to head matches in the regular season:

 Pos Player P W L F A GD
1 Dr. White 4 3 1 20 18 2
2 Matza 4 2 2 20 16 4
3 Jarbasaur 4 1 3 16 22 -6


Dr. White has the slight advantage but the goal differential shows that these games were very close.  When ranked based on goal differential for the entire season, the results change.

Pos Player GD
1 Matza 50
2 Jarbasaur 40
3 Dr. White 33

Matza led the league in scoring and also allowed the least amount of goals against but Jarbasaur allowed only 1 goal against more than Matza & Dr. White allowed only 4 more.  The stats show that the playoffs should provide us with very competitive games and there’s no clear favourite to win.



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