1v1 League Playoffs Results

Dr. White & Matza kicked off the playoffs with entertaining performances.  In the first game, Matza came out with rockets blazing and scored a couple of quick goals and won the match.  Dr. White composed himself and easily defeated Matza in their second game.  This result meant that both players were still in contention to win the cup.

In the second match, Matza faced off against Jarbasaur. When these two players met in the regular season, Matza won both matches but Jarbasaur was not intimidated and exacted revenge by winning both games.  This result sent Matza packing and as a result of winning both games, Jarbasaur needed to win 1 match against Dr. White to win the cup.  In order for Dr. White to be crowned the champion, he would have to win both matches.

In their first game, Jarbasaur looked like he was auditioning for a spot on a pro team.  He scored a few highlight reel goals and clinched first place by defeating Dr. White 7-3.  In the second game, Dr. White displayed the skills that earned him second place and defeated Jarbasaur 6-1.

Congratulations Jarbasaur, you are the noobcup.com Season 1 winner!

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