Disc Jam League

Disc Jam League

Season 1

Players from all regions and platforms are eligible to play in this league. There will be two divisions split up based on skill rating (SR).  The top rated players will be placed in Division 1 and the rest in Division 2. Here are the details:


Each player will play 2 matches against every other player in their division (home and away, home team selects server) and the player with the most wins at the end of the season is the winner. If there’s a tie, there will be a playoff round. More information regarding playoff scenarios will be posted later.

We will use a flexible schedule. Weekly matches are scheduled to take place Wednesdays at 7:00 pm EST every week and players are responsible for playing their matches by that time. However, you can choose to play at any time before the deadline. Matches will be posted 1-2 weeks in advance.

Periodically, you will have the option of playing your next match one week in advance if you can coordinate a time to play with your opponent. This will occur only if there aren’t players in the league who have missed games. When this option is available, it will be announced at least 72 hours before the current week’s match deadline.

Checking In For Matches

If you haven’t played your match against your opponent before the deadline, you will need to check in by posting in the #check-in channel on discord so that I know you were ready for the match.  If you check in and your opponent has not checked in by 7:00 pm EST, you need to wait until 7:15 pm EST before leaving. Having a record of this will help me figure out who was ready in case there are disagreements about what happened between players involved in the match.

Reporting Match Scores

Following your match, one of the players has to report the score of your games in the #report-scores channel.  When you report your score, you must include which division you’re in, which weekly game is being played and the scores of both games.  I encourage everyone to take a screen shot of the scores of every game in case there’s a dispute about the scores being posted.  If there is a dispute and neither player can provide proof of the final score, the game will have to be replayed.


If you aren’t able to play your match on time, it must be played within 72 hours in order to avoid a warning. If there are extenuating circumstances such as an emergency or if you’ll be out of town, please let me and your opponent know and you will not receive a warning. If you receive a third warning, you forfeit a game and each subsequent warning will result in a forfeit as well. You’re free to reschedule any games (aside from any that have been forfeited) any time you want but if they’re not played by the last week of the season, you have 72 hours to make up the game. The reason why a warning system will be used is to ensure that everyone plays the same amount of games throughout the season. The intent isn’t to punish players and leniency will definitely be shown for any extenuating circumstance.

Promotion And Relegation

At the end of the season, the bottom 2 players in Division 1 will be relegated to Division 2 and the top 2 players in Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1. If new players join in season 2, the top 50% of the new players (based on their SR ) will be added to Division 1 and the rest to Division 2.

Champion’s League

Shortly following the season, there will be a Champion’s League Cup.  The top 3 players from Division 1 & the winner of Division 2 will compete in a single elimination best of 3 series to decide the winner.  The winner of the Champion’s League automatically qualifies for next season’s Champion’s League competition.  If he has already qualified through league play, an extra spot opens up in that division. The bracket for this tournament will look like this:

Division 1 winner vs Division 1 runner up
Division 2 winner vs Division 1 3rd rank
Final: Winner of game 1 vs winner of game 2


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