Season 1 Midseason Report

Disc Jam League

Division 1 got off to an inauspicious start.  First, GodKaidan dropped out of the league before it started and Tinppa followed suit after the first week.  GodKaidan is probably one of the top 10-15 players globally and before Tinppa left, he was the top ranked player globally who had also won several tournaments.  Despite the loss of these two top players, Division one’s roster still contains many of the best players in the game.

After 4 weeks, Phyrexius has a comfortable lead and is the strong favourite to win the cup after winning all of his games and dropping only 2 sets.   He has also recently become the top ranked player in the game.  Aside from Phyrexius’s dominance, Division 1 has been extremely competitive and if no one can catch Phyrexius, there are 4 players battling for the second and third positions which would qualify them for the Champions League.

In Division 2, Doctorfeesh & xG Sweet are battling for the cup.  Both players are undefeated and have lost a combined 3 sets.  The outcome of their match in week 6 may decide who finishes first in the division and makes it to the Champions League.  However, don’t count out FC | dolphinfin22 & DanVincent.  They’re both 4 wins behind the leaders and there are still enough games left for them to catch up.

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