Disc Jam Season 1 & Champions League Recap

Disc Jam League

Phyrexius showed the world* that he is a force to be reckoned with by winning both Division 1 and the Champions League.  Even though Division 1 was stacked with the best Disc Jam players in the world, Jump was the only player able to win a game against him and he lost only 5 sets all season.  Jump finished second with an impressive 9-3 record and Untubular finished third.  Tinppa, who dropped out of the league after the first game, and killerbob918 were both relegated to Division 2.

xG Sweet dominated Division 2 and became the first player ever to finish the season undefeated but there is a bit of an asterisk because his final game of the season was not played.  Nevertheless, it was an impressive performance especially when you consider that he lost only 2 sets all season.  DanVincent & FC | dolphinfin22 moved up the rankings in the last half of the season and finished 2nd and third respectively.   xG Sweet & DanVincent have been promoted to Division 1.

In the Champions League semi-final, Phyrexius won his match by forfeit after Untubular decided to quit and Jump made it to the final after defeating xG Sweet.  The final featured the top 2 players in Division 1.  Jump was the only player able to win a game against Phyrexius but in the Champions League final, he lost 2 close matches.

Congratulations to Phyrexius, the Division 1 & Champions League cup winner!

* noobcup world population – 15

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